Sexual Misconduct Grievance Procedure

Sexual Misconduct Grievance Procedure
Pursuant to CU APS 5014 & OIE Resolution Procedures


Alleged conduct may be considered either Title IX Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Misconduct, depending on the following jurisdictional requirements: 

  • Title IX Sexual Misconduct: Applied to misconduct that occurs in a University education program or activity and against a person in the United States. 
  • Sexual Misconduct: Applied to misconduct that does not otherwise meet the jurisdictional standard or definition of Title IX Sexual Misconduct, but has the potential to affect the health and wellness of campus community members. 
Prohibited Conduct

UCCS is committed to ensuring that students, faculty, and staff are not subjected to discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of sex, as well as other forms of sexual misconduct that are inconsistent with the university's values and missions. Prohibited conduct includes:

  • Sexual assault;
  • Dating violence; 
  • Domestic violence; 
  • Title IX stalking; 
  • Stalking; 
  • Sexual exploitation; 
  • Title IX hostile environment;
  • Hostile environment;
  • Title IX quid pro quo sexual harassment; and
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment.
Key Definitions

The Sexual Misconduct Grievance Procedure incorporates the policy and procedural definitions found in CU APS 5014 and the OIE Procedures. 

Key Definitions

Procedural Steps

Procedural Steps

Filing and Evaluation of a Formal Complaint
Dismissal of a Formal Complaint
Issuance of Notice of Allegations
Conducting of Interviews and Gathering of Evidence
Evidence Review and Preliminary Investigative Report
Final Investigative Report
Dismissal After Initiating Formal Grievance Procedure
Standard of Proof and Determination Regarding Responsibility
Sanctioning Process