Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment Procedures


Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment

Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment Policy

The Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment Policy (UCCS 300-017) prohibits discriminating and/or harassing on the basis of one or more protected classes of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, veteran status, political affiliation and/or political philosophy. The policy also prohibits retaliation and other related violations.

Policy Jurisdiction
Support Measures
Evaluation of a Report

Formal Adjudication Procedures

The OIE may resolve a report of alleged misconduct through the Formal Adjudication process when the alleged misconduct, if true, would be prohibited under the Applicable Policies.

The Formal Adjudication Procedures include five major stages: 1) Filing a Report and Evaluation of the Complaint, 2) Evidence Gathering and Review, 3) Determination Regarding Responsibility, 4) Opportunity for Appeal, as applicable, and 5) Sanctions, as applicable.

Stage 1
Filing a Report and Evaluation of the Complaint
Stage 2
Evidence Gathering and Review
Stage 3
Determination Regarding Responsibility
Stage 4
Opportunity for Appeal, as applicable
Stage 5
Sanctions, as applicable

Additional Information

Regardless of the resolution option utilized, participants have specific rights and access to resources.

Participant Rights
Procedure Definitions