During the Spring 2021 semester, OIE staff members will continue to work remotely to address reports of sexual misconduct, protected class harassment and discrimination, and conflict of interests in cases of amorous relationships. To schedule a virtual meeting or a phone call with OIE, individuals can email the office at equity@uccs.edu. OIE also accepts reports via their online reporting form found here: https://equity.uccs.edu/reporting/reporting-form

About Us

About Us

About Us



The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) addresses all complaints of Protected Class Discrimination and Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Conflict of Interest in Cases of Amorous Relationships, and related misconduct. To achieve a positive environment for all members of the UCCS community, OIE conducts fair and unbiased investigations, while treating all individuals who seek our assistance with respect and dignity. 

OIE has jurisdiction over all students, faculty, staff, and third parties on our campus. We also address conduct that occurs on campus and off-campus, including online or electronic conduct, if the conduct occurred in the context of University educational programs, activities, or employment, or has the potential to have continuing adverse effects on campus.

Upon receiving a report or formal complaint alleging prohibited conduct, the OIE has jurisdiction to conduct at least a preliminary inquiry. The OIE shall then determine the most appropriate means for addressing the report or formal complaint. Options for responding to a report of prohibited conduct include, but are not limited to an informational report, dismissal, a policy compliance remedy, or a formal resolution. 

OIE does not have the authority to impose discipline. If there is a finding of responsibility for a violation of the applicable policies, the authority responsible for disciplining the respondent will determine the sanctions. This will be the Office of the Dean of Students, if the respondent is a student, or the Director or Dean, if the respondent is an employee.

Individuals can contact the Office of Institutional Equity to schedule an appointment by calling 719-255-4324 or by emailing equity@uccs.edu. The Office of Institutional Equity is located in Main Hall Room 201.